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Дженнифер Уэлти "Джулия"

Очень нравится вот этот детский портрет современной американской  художницы Дженнифер Уэлти.

Очень милые детские портреты и портреты других людей, друзей и знакомых.
Постараюсь что-нибудь найти по-русски. Пока, кроме картин, нашла только это:

Award winning portrait artist, Jennifer Welty, has become one of America’s most sought after portrait artists. In 2005, she was the only female finalist out of 10 selected to exhibit in Washington D.C. in the International Competition sponsored by the Portrait Society of America. She has been recognized 5 times by the Portrait Society of America, twice selected a top-ten finalist, as well as receiving Honorable Mention, Certificate of Merit, Certificate of Excellence and Best Portfolio awards. She was a two-time finalist winner in the Artist Magazine, and her work has appeared in International Artist Magazine, American Artist Magazine, and Folio Magazine. In 2009,she was nominated and accepted into the 2009 3oth Edition of Who's Who Among American Artists. Notable commissions have been Julie Inkster, LPGA Golf Hall of Fame Recipient;Tony Holbrook, CEO of Advanced Micro Devices; Roy Nichols, of Huntsville's Business Hall of Fame; Maria Bartiromo, Wall Street Managing Editor; M. Dyrdahl, Adobe CFO, and the founders of Intuit.

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